Inclusive thinking

The way you think affects the way you see (or miss) opportunities and how you treat others, which in turn, affects the way that others think and behave around you.

Do you understand or are you aware of your own biases?

Are your initial thoughts affected by the way someone looks, how they sound or their social standing?

You may THINK you are inclusive. . . . but ARE you?

Inclusive behaviour

The more inclusively you behave, the more inspiring, encouraging and engaging you are. You become an authentic, respected leader and role model, someone who others want to work for and do business with. Inclusive individuals also gain and retain more business through effective client relationships.

How inclusive is your behaviour?

Inspiring results

Would you say “yes please” to a more engaged workforce and client base?

A simple and effective inclusive strategy will lead to positive changes to thinking and behaviour, which will result in improved performance through engaged employees and clients. Fact.

Does your business strategy currently incorporate inclusive thinking and behaviour for employees and clients?

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It has been a journey and a real pleasure. On with the next! @humaqazi @sara_chandran @FionaCalder8 #vic2020 #inclusion

How do we create and maintain our virtual networks and engage with key people, especially sponsors during a time of social distancing?

On our next #VIC2020 session, @AndiKeeling and @sara_chandran talk about 'Virtual #Networking'.

#diversity #inclusion #digital #tech

.@newinclusion first panel is live at #vic2020 The use of tech during lockdown has been a good leveller for those with accessibility issues but we haven’t got it perfect yet @humaqazi @Cilla4Talent Jen Smith Tamoor Ali

Paying it forward is so important to me. We each have a responsibility to lift up those around us and those following us #VIC2020 #diversity #inclusion #PayItForward

Introducing our fantastic hosts for #VIC2020: @humaqazi, @AndiKeeling and @sara_chandran.

They're helping us take #digital to the next level by showing us how to take a radical approach to #inclusion.

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