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This project is so much fun to work on and work with some fabulous people. I, like many of you, am so intent on creating positive change, this is a wonderful and alternative way to look at and create inclusion. Join us on the journey of The Privilege Project

Focus on what people CAN do rather than what they can’t @ThePrivilegePro #SocialChange #PhysicalHealth Let’s build a world that’s designed for everyone not just@most

Is age a number or a mindset? Whatever your ‘real’ age, you have privilege and a responsibility to make others feel they belong #ThePrivilegeProject #Age

So good to know you’re out there @EditDevelopment #theprivilegeproject

Learn about #Age privilege and #PhysicalHealth and Ability privilege from @AndiKeeling, one of #ThePrivilegeProject facilitators.

Join our free #virtual launch event on 1st December 2020.

Register now: http://theprivilegeproject.org/launch-event/

#allyship #diversity #inclusion #privilege

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