Inclusive thinking and inclusive behaviour lead to inspiring results

With over 30 years corporate experience, Andi works with individuals and organisations to create inclusive leadership teams and to improve employee and client engagement. She delivers strategic consulting and hands on practical help through coaching, facilitation, workshops, training and motivational speaking to execute change and improved organisational and individual performance.


Andi provides a strategic consultancy service that has helped improve the effectiveness of client’s employees and the performance of their organisation

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Andi is an accomplished global speaker and specialises in keynote speeches, conference hosting as well as providing workshops, training and group facilitation

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Andi works with individuals, giving them a chance to reassess business and leadership challenges, and to create individual strategies for moving forward and improved performance

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Well done Stanley for getting on board. We need all the support we can get 😓 @genm_official @jackson_heather

13 million people are currently going through 'the change', yet it is still a taboo topic for 75% of women.

This #WorldMenopauseDay we're here to change that. GEN M is the UK's first and only platform celebrating the best of the menopause in one place 🙌

This is THE BEST place to go for support, information, products, symptoms, and sharing that I have seen. We need this support and so do the people who support us (both at home and at work) @jackson_heather We've got this! #menopause #wevegotthis #GenM

I have seen it! A draft of the website that is! And it’s brilliant Well done @GenM_Official @jackson_heather you have created a go to place for everything that is Menopause (pre, during & post) for those experiencing it and those who are supporting us #WeAreGenM

When witnessing an act of wrongdoing at the workplace, we have the choice to be an upstander, by taking positive action as an #ally, or to be a bystander by not intervening. 

Either way, a silent spectator is an active enabler. 

#DiversityAndInclusion #MondayMotivaton

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