Specialist, professional advice and support for individuals, teams and companies looking for a practical strategy to engage employees and clients and improve results

How can Andi help you?

Andi provides a strategic consultancy service that has helped improve the effectiveness of client’s employees and the performance of their organisation.

How? By developing strategies that deliver improved performance for things such as; Effective Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion and Employee & Client Engagement.


How will this benefit you?

Improved Business Performance. A specific, simple and results driven strategy, focuses thinking and behaviour and therefore positively impacts employee engagement, client loyalty and organisational performance.

Why choose Andi?

With over 30 years corporate experience, Andi is a specialist in effective & inclusive leadership, diversity & inclusion and team building. She develops and delivers strategies in global organisations, that engage employees, create client / partner / supplier loyalty and improve business and team results.


Some of Andi’s Consulting clients

Inspirational Journey
Post Office
Diversity Role Models

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